Saturday, 25 April 2009

I've succumbed to blogging

I've dabbled here and there before but I tend to just be far too lazy to keep it up. I also don't really have anything to write because at the moment I don't actually do anything.

No, really.

I dropped out of uni because my course was a load of bollocks, and had some kind of romantic notion that I would get a job.
Unfortunately due to the lovely recession this is proving rather difficult. And no job = no money. And no money = no going out. Because as well as having nothing to do all day I live about a million miles from so much as a post office, and my entire village is populated by old people, farmers, and old farmers.

It's great.

So, if you like reading the boring ramblings of someone who does nothing except watch daytime tv and look for continuity errors in old zombie films, then by jove you've found the blog for you.

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  1. Jade, i have some news. in a month (on my birthday, in fact) we're moving back to birch. so i'll be down the road from you so we can keep each other company (because i woke up to the horrifying thought this morning that, as I dont have a full time job, i'm going to be at home. most days. with my grandma. :|) so hurrah!