Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rose water and lavender

I've realised of late that I'm becoming incredibly old before my time.
I am, in fact, a grumpy old lady.

  • I've taken up knitting.
  • I've taken up baking.
  • I disapprove of the 'youth of today'.
  • The other day I said 'my partying days are over' and 'I'm not as young as I used to be'.
  • I have a strange and unfounded urge to make childrens clothes.
  • I take a million different pills and herbal remedies.
  • I've actually started tutting, without realising it.

Seriously, I am a boring old fart. Case closed.
But on the bright side, I'm quite enjoying life in the slow lane. I'm off to bake some focaccia and finish this knit sample :)

(and watch the Ali G movie - maybe I'm not so grown-up after all...)