Friday, 26 June 2009

Sophia and Nigella

I just can't decide who I want to be more.

Just signed up to the Nigella website, and I'm poring over her collection of utensils. Phwoar. Is it wrong to get a bit hot under the collar looking at parmesan shavers and casserole dishes?

I might have to add her to my side bar... <3 Nigella

Friday, 19 June 2009

I heart

the sims 3
that's right. I've got it. And that's why I haven't been online in about a million years. I won't bore you with a massive post outlining its triumphs and shortcomings in comparison with the sims 2 (I've already done this in huuuuuge post on a certain gaming website. Yeah. I'm just that cool) but I will urge any sims fans to buy it. It's well worth it. Espesh for Vista users, as sims 2 just fucks up every five minutes.

Now this is why I cut my sim chat short, I discovered another lovely little boutique website that i feel I need to share with the world:

Oh, Darling! is an adorable site I found through twitter (I still find it quite exciting when anyone/anything remotely cool chooses to follow me. Where do they even find me?)

PHWOAR:Anyone fancy buying me this? Click the image to go straight to the page for that necklace. If I don't get there first. Just look at it. And it's under seven quid. I might order it now.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Buy this book.

Read this book. Worship this book.

It's hilarious and informative. I can't beleive it took me this long to buy it. I own about 20 'style guides', some might call me and addict, but this is by far the best. Much better than the little black book of style, which everyone bummed, but was horiffically patronising, and clearly written for the middle aged. This is fun fun fun (in the sun sun sun, if you will)

Speaking of sun (see what I did there? yeah. wit. right there.) how fucking nice has it been the last few days?? I mean, phwoar.
On the downside I have a tanline across my boobs. not sexy. fake tan ahoy!