Thursday, 30 April 2009

got wax?

I'm a pretty hairy woman.
Naturally I mean, if I didn't take care of it.
I literally have thick dark hair all over me, and if I didn't shave/bleach/wax like I do, I'd probably look alot like your dad.

Anyway, today I finally took the plunge and got a bikini wax.
And you know what? It really didn't hurt that much.
It should cane, in theory, but it was alright. The leg waxing actually hurt more.

Now, I know that was probably not the kind of information you want when youre innocently blog-browsing but fuck it.

The wierd thing is that while I'll happily book a brazillian and get on all fours for a stranger brandishing hot wax, I'm still bricking it about getting tattoos on my collarbones(-ish area) without numbing gel (yeah I used numbing gel before, I'm not ashamed..... well.. I am a bit yeah).

My other point is that if waxing is so quick, painless and effective, even for someone who naturally resembles a gorilla (that would be me) why the hell do some women still look like this naked??

Hmmm... was going to put a photo of a full bush here, but googling 'hairy woman' has brought up ALOT of porn sites specifically for hairy women.
So maybe that's my answer.

Do men really prefer full bush???

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