Friday, 19 June 2009

I heart

the sims 3
that's right. I've got it. And that's why I haven't been online in about a million years. I won't bore you with a massive post outlining its triumphs and shortcomings in comparison with the sims 2 (I've already done this in huuuuuge post on a certain gaming website. Yeah. I'm just that cool) but I will urge any sims fans to buy it. It's well worth it. Espesh for Vista users, as sims 2 just fucks up every five minutes.

Now this is why I cut my sim chat short, I discovered another lovely little boutique website that i feel I need to share with the world:

Oh, Darling! is an adorable site I found through twitter (I still find it quite exciting when anyone/anything remotely cool chooses to follow me. Where do they even find me?)

PHWOAR:Anyone fancy buying me this? Click the image to go straight to the page for that necklace. If I don't get there first. Just look at it. And it's under seven quid. I might order it now.

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