Sunday, 24 May 2009

epic fail on the s&d front

Missed every band I wanted to see.
Got lost in shoreditch.
Paid for two Indian meals - one being just popadums, which I didn't eat.
Saw only one band, the one band I didn't give a shit about.
Took lots of photos of ben being sick.
Accidentally walked to Hackney at 3 am.
Needless to say, I didn't pull a member of magistrates.
On the upside, Vegan chinese buffet eaten on the street.
Vodka frescatos from starbucks.
Street mug (got smashed)
Delish tesco salad and lovely gay crew in trafalgar square.
Other highlights of my little holiday to kingston include:
Mystery speed cake high
Free posh food
80p drinks in cheapskates
'sampling' bens wares when stuck outside the building
feeling like a zombie in laaandaaan taaaahn
waking up just in time for dinner
trying to sleep with the birds singing
more tales to come.... wierd times
surreal but good, hopefully I'll get accepted for september.
Sorry about the lack of photoooss

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